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Fnatic Advance in Eleague by beating Faze


Turner Sport’s Eleague Week 4 was a thrilling game with Faze and Fnatic battling in the group Finals. With Olofmeister back with Fnatic, could they win against Faze?

The game began on Cache with Fnatic starting off on CT side. Olofmeister started the game with 3 kills in the pistol round, and setting the tone for the game with a knife kill from Flusha onto Faze.  The aggressive play from Faze put pressure on Fnatic but wasn’t enough with a 7-1 lead from Fnatic. Faze took advantage of some aggressive plays from Fnatic, and brought the game back to a 10-5 lead for Fnatic.

Pistol round for Fnatic lead to the team going B on the tside. Olofmeister got a 2k as the CTs were trying to flank through the middle vent.  Faze kept pressure on Fnatic bringing the game to a 13-11. Following this, Fnatic took  a time out in an attempt to gather their thoughts. Faze attempted to continue the aggression but Fnatic won 16-12.

Map 2 of Cobblestone saw Fnatic winning pistol round on ct side.  This lead to a 3-0 lead.  Fnatic lead 7-0 against Faze, resulting in a timeout from Faze Clan. Fnatic’s aggression lead to Fnatic manhandling Faze. The first half ended with a 14-1 score.

Faze won pistol round, which in turn allowed them to win the first 3 rounds of the second half.  Following this, JW from Fnatic gets a 3k, one directly through the smoke.  Fnatic secure the win with a 16-5 for the Swedes.

Eleague is a featured league that broadcasts in the United States on TBS at 10:00 P.M. Eastern time. Are you from Europe? Check out the following schedule.

Country                                  Station

China                                           HuoMao

Russia                                          Starladder

Latin America                            El Sporte Interativo

Czech Republic                         O2 Channel

Pan Nordic                                Viasat Paid + Free

Poland                                        MTG World

Germany                                    ProSiebenSat.1

Africa                                          SuperSport

Balkans                                      Sport Klub

France                                        MCM

Netherlands                              Fox

South East Asia Astro

South East Asia Turner

South East Asia ASN

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