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Astralis worried about SK?


Astralis worried about SK?

The DreamHack ZOWIE Open has gotten underway, and one of the Group Stage games saw SK Gaming face up to Astralis, two teams that are both respected in the CS:GO Scene. Astralis, said to be one of the greatest teams in the world, were predicted to stomp over SK, as they are having to use two stand-ins during this tournament.

However, in the first map, SK started the game amazingly, taking 6 rounds on T Side, on Overpass, a map said to be slightly CT Sided.

Astralis pulled out the .pause in the 7th round, and took the decision to force up and buy limited pistols with hardly any utility. It didn’t work in their favour and the 7th round went to SK.

Throughout the start of the game, SK looked like Fnatic in their prime, playing almost-perfect CS:GO, reminding us all of the early days of SK when they were considered one of the best teams in CS 1.6.

Astralis failed to pick up any rounds until the 8th round, where they picked off the over-confident SK team, who miss-timed their flashbangs and lost the round, whilst Astralis kept all five men alive.

Astralis continued to fall apart when they allowed Andreas “MODDII” Fridh pulled off an amazing 4-Kill clutch in the 12th round. Astralis went in one by one, allowing “MODDII” to pick off all the players he needed to.

The Danish team seemed to become unmotivated after losing this round and their performance began to decline even more.

However, at the half, the score was Astralis 6-9 SK Gaming, meaning that there was still a glimmer of hope. If Astralis won the pistol round, they could dramatically increase their chances of winning the game.

They did just that, after Valdemar “valde” Bjorn Vangsa claimed three kills in the bathroom towards A Long, but they managed to clean up the round and prevent a defuse.

Michael “Friis” Jorgensen, however, crashed their hopes and dreams as he pulled off a 2v1 clutch, without a defuse kit, and won the round.

However, because of the situation SK were in, they had to use two stand-ins during this game, and Astralis clutched the win because of experience.

Astralis now advance to the next stage of the DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer 2016.

Words by Kieran Cullinan


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