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CEVO GFinity Season 9


CEVO’s GFinity Season 9 has come to a close in London and it’s been a thrilling event.

Eight teams qualified but there could only be one winner. Separated into two groups, the teams were:

Group A:

  2. HellRaisers
  3. OpTiC
  4. Splyce

Group B:

  1. Dignitas
  2. Tempo Storm
  3. SK Gaming
  4. Selfless

There were many plot twists in this event, one of them being “OpTiC’s” “revival after their shaky start to 2016. They eliminated “Splyce” after a BO3 took advantage of all 3 maps. “SK Gaming” looked like clear favourites from Europe, after their strong run of games prior to this event but they were shut down in the Finals by “Tempo Storm”, who looked to steal the glory from their fellow South American team “Luminosity Gaming”. “Tempo Storm” took “SK” into 4 maps, winning 3-1 in the end. There were many highlights in this game. One of them being a huge triple-kill from Lucas “lucas” Teles in an important retake scenario. TS were seen as the underdogs in this final, because of how well SK had been playing before entering this tournament, but they came out on top and took home the $55,000 prize money.

The prize pool was shared in this order:

  1.  “Tempo Storm” – $55,000
  2.  “SK Gaming” – $30,000
  3.  “” – $12,500
  4.  “HellRaisers” – $12,500
  5.  “Dignitas” – $5,000
  6.  “OpTiC”- $5,000
  7.  “Splyce” – $2,500
  8.  “Selfless” – $2,500

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