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[CSGO] Evetech announces CS:GO tournament for top South African teams


A New Wave of Support for South Africa Region with Evetech’s Championship League

EVETECH announce Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament featuring top South African teams. The event labeled Evetech’s Championship League, is focused on providing support to the South African region of Esports.  Teams will compete for R150,000 ($10,288), and the event will run from August 26th to August 28th in Centurion.

The teams currently announced are Bravado Gaming, Aperture Gaming, Carbon eSports, and Energy eSports. The event has 2 qualifiers, and a total of 6 teams competing for the prize.  The event has some notable sponsors, including Intel, MSI, Ballistix, Steelseries, Level-7, and more.

Evetech’s Managing Director, Imran Sorathia, had the following to say about the tournament:

“Evetech strives itself on having the most competitive pricing in the market for our whole range of Desktop Computers, Laptops, as well as various components. From our humble beginnings, Evetech has blossomed into the number 1 online computer shop with some of the best deals in South Africa.

“This is in no small part due to the massive support we have been receiving from the community, each and every order placed has made a change and paved the way to where we are today. ECL is Evetech’s way of giving back to the community who has helped and supported us to the point where we are today.

“We have no doubt that our August ECL (Season 1) event will not only usher in a new standard but also revolutionize and shape how eSports events in South Africa will be from now on, while shining the spotlight on the best South African gaming has to offer. We are planning big things with the ECL, and we implore you to keep your eyes glued for more information, as this is going to be something for the record books!”


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