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CS:GO Female Format and Groups Drawn for ESWC


The ESWC 2016 PGW CSGO Women groups have been drawn, and will be held on October 29th-October 31st, 2016. The ESWC final will be played in two stages. The first stage is round robin with 2 groups of 5 teams. The matches will be played in a best of one format.  The top three teams of each group stage will be qualified for the next stage.

The second stage of the event will be single elimination bracket between the top 6 teams. The first team of each group from round robin stage will be qualified directly into the semi-final of the bracket. The second team of each group will play a tiebreaker match against the third team of the other group to access the semi-final.

Top female teams from around the world will compete for $15,000 in cash prizes that will be distributed to the top four teams of the event.

Prize Distribution:

  1. $7,000
  2. $4,000
  3. 4. $2,000


Group 1:

Team Secret


Reason Gaming




Group 2:


Team Expert

Doyou even


Team Property

The ESWC 2016 PGW Counter-Strike Women tournament will begin on Saturday, October 29th in the afternoon, and the final will take place on Monday, October, 31st.

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