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CS:GO Update Released


Valve has released a new update to enhance User Interface, weapons, and GOTV.

The new cs:go update limits the use of the Revolver and Negev. You no longer can use these weapons during competitive match making.  The price has changed of the weapons and specific attributions that increase its suppressive fire.

The update for GOTV now has Steam Datagram Relay – which prevents DDoS attacks and guarantee the viewer the best quality for most regions around the world.

The update also contains a “recent teammates and invites” User Interface that has been added to the main menu. This allows users to connect with others by using “CS:GO friend codes.”

Change Log:


  • Revolver and Negev have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking as they undergo substantial revision.


  • Firing delay significantly reduced


  • New attributes to promote suppressive fire.
  • Reduced price.
  • New sounds that dynamically indicate weapon accuracy.


  • Added ability to add friends using CS:GO friend codes.
  • Added recent teammates and invites UI on the main menu.
  • GOTV connections will now use SDR in most of the regions.
  • Fixed missing texture on Huntsman Knife | Ultraviolet
  • Added convar mp_items_prohibited which takes a comma-delimited list of weapon definition indices to prohibit from purchase on the server.
  • Lowered volume of ambient sound in de_vertigo to match ambient volume of other maps.
  • Fixed several OSX graphics crashes related to running out of vertex shader constants.
  • Fixed a game crash related to game stats.



  • fixed more pixelwalk spots & places where bomb could get stuck
  • fixed sticky clip brush at B
  • fixed Z-fighting railing at bridge
  • fixed visible nodraw underneath a bridge
  • improved clipping under T side bridges
  • fixed Z-fighting below CT arches
  • adjusted courtyard statues and stairs for better movement
  • fixed various fade distance issues
  • widened B site and palace doors
  • aligned palace windows better
  • fixed floating clothesline
  • adjusted pecklesteiner
  • fixed missing texture at back alley
  • removed clip from garden lamp post because it’s at jumping height
  • prevented planting bomb on railing at A
  • removed lamp posts between A and CT spawn


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