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Dennis “Thresh” Fong – eSports Hall of Fame


Dennis “Thresh” Fong has been added to the eSports Hall of Fame.

The world’s first professional gamer Dennis “Thresh” Fong is the next addition to the eSports Hall of Fame. Along side the CounterStrike 1.6 superstar Emil “Heaton” Christensen. Thresh is a legend of the first competitive FPS game, Quake.

A step above.

Dennis “Thresh” Fong was a step above his opponents, true dominance was witnessed during his time playing Quake. Thresh was a dictator of the arena that hardly ever lost a game even in practice. His playing style was unique as he would avoid aim duels. Thresh enjoyed becoming a magnificent tactician of the game. By limiting his opponents choices and forcing them to comply to his play style. In the original Quake competitors were simply a puppet on a string.

An innovator.

Thresh was an innovator in competitive FPS, being the first to use the W, A, S and D keys for movement on the keyboard. Whilst everyone else lagged behind using the arrow keys. Dennis was way ahead of his time using the opponents sounds to his advantage all of this during the mid 90’s.

Sheer dominance.

The amount of competitive games Thresh won would be simply unheard of in the present day. It is rare that all competitors unanimously decide a single player is the best. In Quake he was the best player of all time. Thresh, the champion in the game League of Legends is named after the eSports legend. There are few players in eSports history that can match Thresh’s level of dominance.

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