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DH Summer Groups Released


DH Summer Groups

DreamHack has announced the groups and schedule for the next upcoming ZOWIE Open event in Jonkoping.

Eight of the Top Teams from around the world will be attending this event, which commences on June 18th and finishes on June 20th. The eight teams will be competing for their share of a $100,000 prize pool.

The competition will see the eight teams split into two groups which will feature double-elimination techniques of whittling down both groups.

The two winning teams from each group will then advance and play the best-of-three, single-elimination playoff matches to decide who is crowned the third ZOWIE Open Champion of the year, after both Natus Vincere and Luminosity Gaming won in Leipzig and Austin.

Here are both of the groups and the teams featured in them:

Group A: Group B:
 dk Astralis  se Ninjas In Pyjamas
 br Immortals (Tempo Storm)  eu HellRaisers
 dk SK Gaming  se GODSENT
 fi ENCE  se Epsilon


The full Schedule can be found here:

Saturday, June 18
14:40 Show Start
15:00  dk Astralis vs ENCE      fi
16:30  se NiP vs Epsilon      se
18:00  br Immortals vs SK      dk
19:30  eu HellRaisers vs GODSENT      se
21:00 Group A Winners’ Match
22:30 Group B Winners’ Match
Sunday, June 19
11:40 Show Start
12:00 Group A Elimination Match
15:00 Group B Elimination Match
18:00 Group A Decider Match
21:00 Group B Decider Match
Monday, June 20
10:30 Show Start
11:00 Semi-Final #1 (B1 vs A2)
14:30 Semi-Final #2 (A1 vs B2)
19:00 Grand Final


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