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DH Teams Confirmed


The Minor EU DreamHack teams list has been confirmed recently, after the second qualifier came to a close.

Teams such as “ENCE”, “Epsilon” and “GODSENT” all came out on top of their brackets and have qualified for spots at the European Minor tournament.

One of the fan-favourites in this tournament, “GODSENT”, placed first in their bracket, securing stable wins from two notorious Finnish teams, “RCTIC eSports” and “Desperados”, both games finishing in 2-0 scorelines. “ENCE” didn’t stop to breath when they played against “Millenium”, finishing the game with ease and they went on to narrowly beat “AGG” too. Another team that bagged themselves a place was “Epsilon”. They defeated the strong side of the “Copenhagen Wolves” in a very close contest. They also shattered the dreams of “GameAgents”, who lost 2-0 to the Swedish team. “MK” have yet again proved themselves in the CS:GO Community, qualifying for yet another event. They finished 2nd in the PGL Tournament after an immense run, taking maps from both “Orbit” and “Escape”.

The eight teams that will battle it out in this tournament are:

  1. “Dignitas”
  2. “SK Gaming”
  3. “CSGL”
  4. “HellRaisers”
  5. “GODSENT”
  6. “Epsilon”
  7. “ENCE”
  8. “MK”

This tournament will begin on the 14th May, with the final being played on the 16th May. The winning team will receive $30,000, with second place earning themselves $15,000 and third place receiving $5,000. The two top-placed teams from this EU Minor will qualify for the Offline ESL One Cologne.

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