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DreamHack Zowie Open Winter Groups Drawn


The group stage for DreamHack Zowie Open Winter has been announced. Eight participating teams have been placed into two groups.

The 2016 DreamHack Zowie is upon us, and we’re excited to watch it close this Saturday with some of the most iconic teams in Counter-Strike competing for the chance to be crowned the best team at DreamHack.

Eight teams – Two North American, One Australian, and five European will be competing for their share in the $100,000 prize pool.

The tournament will start with a double-elimination group stage, featuring best-of-three in the lower bracket, and the top two from each group will advance to the single-elimination playoffs.

Group A:







Group B:









Thursday, November 24

12:30 – Dignitas vs Kinguin – BO1

14:00 – Cloud9 vs Renegades – BO1

16:30 – GODSENT vs FlipSid3 – BO1

18:00 – OpTic vs Gambit – BO1

19:30 – Group A Winner Match- BO1

21:00 – Group B Winner Match- BO1


Friday, November 25

12:00 – Group A elimination match – BO3

15:00 – Group B elimination match – BO3

18:00 – Group A Decider – BO3

21:00 – Group B Decider – BO3


Saturday, November 26

11:30 – Semi-final #1 (B1 vs A2) – BO3

14:00 – Semi-final #2 (A1 vs B2) – BO3

18:00 – Grand final – BO3




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