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ELEAGUE Group A Recap


ELEAGUE Group A Recap


The formation of ELEAGUE with TBS started Friday,  May 27th, and will be featured every Friday on TBS at 10:00 P.M. ET. The league is featured on other platforms in different countries.

The tournament prize is $1.4 million, and has kicked off Group A consisting of the Brazilian beasts Luminosity, team Liquid, Cloud9, and the Renegades. The league was announced with round-robin with each victory accounting for one point.


The first match of ELEAGUE consisted of Luminosity against Renegades on Cobblestone with a close 19-17 win going to Luminosity. In order to prove that they were the #1 team in the world, luminosity won 16-0 on Cobblestone. Marcelo “Coldzero” David had a 1.31 rating performance, which helped them with a tremendous victory overall.  Fernando “fer” Alvarenga had a 2.24 rating to secure the win in style.


Next the Brazilian team confronted Team Liquid on Dust2 to secure a 16-6 win. Lincoln “fnx” Lau secured the win with a 1.99 rating with an overall score of 28-8.  On Map 2, Luminosity was down 12-3 on Cobblestone, but couldn’t secure the win, as Luminosity came back 16-14.


The Brazilian team played Cloud9, a powerhouse in the United States.  Luminosity beat Cloud9 16-7 on Dust2, and 16-10 on Train to have the #1 seed.

Team Liquid lost four more matches, and was moved down to #4 seed. They lost against Cloud9 (16-11 on Dust2, 16-2 on Cache), and liquid lost against Renegades (16-14 on Mirage, 16-10 on Train)

The group playoffs showed Cloud9 against Renegades as they both were #2, and #3 seeds. Cloud9 won the series 2-0 after winning 16-3 on Cobblestone, and 16-11 on Cache.

The ELEAGUE playoffs spot was up for grabs as Luminosity and Cloud9 competed against each other on live TV. Cloud9 represented the United States well with a 16-11 win on mirage.  Although Skadoodle had a 35-25 kill ratio, the entire Luminosity team took advantage of every opportunity for a                                           19-16 win.

Due to their performance, Luminosity have qualified for the ELEAGUE playoffs, and cloud9 have a spot in the Last Chance Qualifier.  The ELEAGUE will be featured on TBS every Friday starting at 10:00 P.M. ET.

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