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Empire to Cologne


Team Empire have qualified for the Cologne Major Qualifier after their impressive run in the StarLadder CIS Minor tournament.

Soon after an astounding run in the Hitbox Challenger Cup, the Russian-based team then went on to beat “Fluffy Gangsters” 2-1 in the Upper Bracket Final.

The scores were as follows:

Team Empire 3:16 Fluffy Gangsters – Dust II

Team Empire 16:6 Fluffy Gangsters – Cobblestone

Team Empire 16:12 Fluffy Gangsters – Train

Team Empire are looking to have another great run in yet another notorious competition, and with $50,000 on the line, they will be spending more time working on their near-perfect strategies.

During this tournament, the viewers saw impressive plays from all of the Team Empire roster, but one player that caught the eyes of the CS:GO community was 17 year old Denis “electronic” Sharipov. During the final map on Train, he put in an excellent performance, sealing his team the win and the pass to the Cologne Qualifier.

Both Team Empire and Fluffy Gangsters secured themselves a guaranteed spot in the ESL One Cologne qualifier and both teams could have the potential to earn at least $15,000 from the $1,000,000 prize pool.

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