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[CS:GO]ESL will host event in São Paulo


ESL hosting Counter-Strike tournament in São Paulo.

ESL is focused on providing quality content throughout the world, and what better place to bring a new event than brazil? The ESL will be hosting a Counter-Strike tournament with top teams around the world in São Paulo in October.  Little is actually known of the event, as was recently confirmed by the Managing Director Spike Laurie from the Omolete.

During the interview, Laurie stated that “The Premier League audience numbers have been extremely positive and the competition standards for the teams were also excellent” and that hosting a tournament in Brazil will “continue [ESL’s] support and commitment with the eSports community in Brazil.”

The teams haven’t been announced yet but it’s been hinted that Luminosity will be one of the teams looked at, as well as top tier teams around the world.


The long-term investment in the region is the approach by ESL to expand support in the demographic of Brazil to support teams that might never have a chance otherwise.  Back in February, they announced the ESL Brazil National Championship, which was a three game tournament with a prize of only $20,000. The tournament was the beginning of the support, and ESL is confident that the region will grow rapidly due to a 30 percent increase in players during the event.

Teams in Counter-Strike have shown impressive results, such as Games Academy, or Luminosity. The region has empowered some of the best players in the world, and needs a support system that will propel the region to be more involved with Esports. According to a representative at ESL during the first supported events, “There’s a lot more to share within the next six months. We will have bigger events over time. And if everything works out well, we will host a major international tournament.”

ESEA has made changes to their platform, and has added a regional approach. Brazil, Asia-Pacific, and Australia have all been added to the league format by having their own section, starting with Counter-Strike:Open. Following this, teams will move up to Brazil: Counter-Strike-IM, and we can assume main, and premier will be added.

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