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Esports in the Olympics by 2020? First step: Player Organization Created


The International eSports Federation announce the future of a possible Athletes Commission to represent players in Esports.

We could see Esports become an official sport in the Olympic Games by 2020. The next step in representing player’s rights occurred today with the International eSports Federation (IeSF) announcing that they play to build the first “Athletes Commission.” The IeSF is a global organization based in Korea that is made up of 24 nations focused on getting Esports recognized as a legitimate sport. The organization was founded by 8 nations in 2008, and has rapidly grown with the industry.

The announcement is due to a desire to represent the rights of players in the Esports scene, and the organizers around the globe to start the process required to be considered as an Olympic sport. For years, players and organizations have been at the mercy of organizers to some extent, and with the competitive nature of Esports vastly growing, players are seeking a home to roster their growth with legal representation, and advice for the future. The overall goal would be to provide the support needed to potentially move towards Esports being in the Olympics.

Although getting into the Olympics is a far reach for today, the concept of creating a unified organization to represent players in a core strategy in legitimize the sport further.  There’s no doubt that Esports is vastly growing, and becoming a staple in countries around the world. The question lies in what the market needs to do in order to provide a stronger foundation to support the growth rate.  In the announcement, the IeSF stated, “The establishment of an Athletes Commission is one of the core criteria in the IOC recognition process, as it ensures the voice of athletes is heard.”  This is one step in the right direction towards Esports potentially being in the Olympics.

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