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With DreamHack Masters coming to an end in April and other major events, top teams around the world fight for the spot to be the best team in the world.  We’ve seen several roster changes that have impacted overall results of teams.  The days are over where Fnatic wins every tournament, and teams are showing up to events ready to represent their region, and showcase their talent to millions.  How do we rank the best teams in the world?

For May 2nd, 2016, HLTV released the ranking system, which is the following:


  1. Natus Vincere
  2. Luminosity
  3. Fnatic
  4. Astralis
  5. NiP
  6. Pro
  7. EnVyUs
  8. Dignitas
  9. Mousesports
  10. Temp Storm
  11. Liquid
  12. Godsent
  13. CLG
  14. Hellraisers
  15. G2
  16. TyLoo
  17. SK
  18. FaZe
  19. Cloud9
  20. Optic
  21. MK
  22. Selfless
  23. Flipsid3
  24. NRG
  25. Spacesoliders
  26. Gambit
  27. AGG
  28. CSGL
  29. Splyce
  30. Renegades

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