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Immortals & Tempo Storm Unite?!


Immortals & Tempo Storm Unite?

Immortals, one of League of Legends’ most established teams has ventured down a new

path today, after announcing that they signed the budding roster of Tempo Storm.

The news was first announced on ESPN, and according to them, Immortals have began to

have talks with a number of smaller CS:GO teams, including Splyce, GODSENT and

Renegades. It looks like they are trying to take over the CS:GO Scene by signing some of the

growing teams of 2015-16.


Ex-Tempo Storm have been immediately transferred to Immortals and are now going to be

representing them using that name in their competitions. The contracts that they had

previously signed with Tempo Storm were bought out by Immortals, which shows how

dedicated they are to trying to make an impact on the CS:GO Scene.


Using the name Tempo Storm, the number two team in Brazil secured a placed in the ESL

One Cologne Main Qualifier, after placing second to OpTiC in the American Minors. They

also earned themselves a spot in the fourth season of ESL Pro League, by winning ESEA

Premier Season 21 Finals, and came second place at DreamHack Austin, truly proving that

they are one of the best upcoming teams.


Following their recent victories, Tempo Storm broke into the official Top 10 Rankings for

CS:GO, and they are certainly living up to this prestigious accolade.


“We have never been so motivated to reach our goals and be the best. We would like to

thank Immortals for this opportunity and we will not take this for granted. We are going to

keep doing our work and representing Immortals in the best way we can” Henrique “HEN1”

Teles told


The following roster will now be representing Immortals from now on:

 Henrique “HEN1” Teles

 Gustavo “SHOOWTiME” Goncalves

 Ricardo “boltz” Prass

 Lucas “lucas” Teles

 Joao “felps” Vasconcellos

 Rafael “zakk” Fernandos (coach)


The first time we will truly see the new Immortals team take the stage will be during the ESL

One Cologne Main Qualifier, set to commence from June 9-12 in Katowice, Poland, where

they will be facing EnVyUs, who have been getting back on track recently, in the newly-

introduced Swiss System, which can be found here –

major-qualifier- format-schedule

Written by Kieran Cullinan

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