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International players form TheTeamWithoutOrg


Top Counter-Strike players from across the world come together to form the roster known as TheTeamWithoutOrg

A new international team known as “TheTeamWithoutOrg” was formed by several players that wanted to create a top tier international roster. The roster consists of George “hudzG” Hoskins who previously played for, and Kenneth “REASTEN” Kristiansen, who played for BX3.

The roster also consists of Ruben “TorPe” Jesus Gomez Rodriguez, a former gBots player, and two Danish players, 16-year old Anton “NoTaN1dgl” Pedersen and Oliver “oW^” Winther.

HudzG said the following to HLTV in an interview:

“oW started talking to me again about the possibility of playing in an international team, something which I have enjoyed in the past. He mentioned that he has previously played with TorPe (whom  I knew well from Source) and NoTaN in several qualifiers and if I knew of any other player who might have been interested. This is where I contacted REASTEN as we had previously played together and kept in contact.” hudzG told

“We decided to get together and give it a go to see if we all enjoyed the game still and playing together in a competitive environment. After a short while it feels like everyone has clicked and is on the same wave length with what we would like to achieve. We know that it will be a long road ahead, being an international team (3 Scandanavian, 1 Spanish, 1 UK) however everyone speaks good English and is able to commit a lot of hours. We will hopefully be meeting up in January to bootcamp, and in the meantime hope to enter any qualifiers/leagues/cups that we can.”

TheTeamWithoutOrg have the following lineup:

Kenneth “REASTEN” Kristiansen
George “hudzG” Hoskins
Anton “NoTaN1dgl” Pedersen
Oliver “oW^” Winther
Rubén “TorPe” Jesús Gómez Rodríguez

The team are seeking an organization. Interested parties are able to contact the team at

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