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[Interview] Orbit’s Nikolay “NKL” Krastev & The Victory


In the Hitbox Challenger Cup, we’ve seen a number of teams go head-to-head in a BO3 game to try and advance into the next round to increase their chances of taking home a share of the $10,000 prize pool.

One of the matches was vs Alpha Gaming. The game went to 3 maps, with Orbit taking two of them.

Here is my interview with Orbit’s player – Nikolay “NKL” Krastev:

Q1. How did you prepare for the match against Alpha?

“We didn’t really prepare anything specific for this match. We just tried to play our A-Game and hit the shots we needed to. We gathered a few hours before the game to start practicing the way we always do – Deathmatches and Scrims.”

Q2. Were you nervous about your opposition, or were you feeling confident?

“Not really. If you want to become one of the best teams/players in the world, you must be confident and don’t underestimate your opponents, no matter who they are.”

Q3. After losing the first map, how did you mentally calm yourself to win the second?

“Even if you lost the first game in a Best-Of-3, the second map is the most important one. Even though it is harder to win two straight maps in a row, just because you get the glimmer of hope that you can win, you start to become focused, and your aim improves, the two come hand in hand. We we’re winning 14-9, but we lost so many clutch situations and that cost us the game. They reset our money once or twice and that pretty much the game for Alpha.”

Q4. What was your best time in the BO3?

“The best moment in the match is when the scoreboard flashes with the lovely “16th round”, then you know you’ve made progress.

Q5. And what was your weakest aspect, and how will you train to overcome it?

“In my opinion, the biggest problem for us is the anti-eco and force buy rounds. We’ve always had that problem and it can only be fixed by playing, and learning to adapt. Such a round can cost you the win for sure. We just keep playing, keep practicing and make sure we stick to our strats.”

Orbit have advanced to the Upper Bracket Final where they will face either Space Soldiers or DenDD, who play on 28th June @ 21:00pm CEST

Streams for that game are here:

  • (English)
  • (Russian)

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