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[Interview] Robert “Skoal” Meade & Orbit


Interview: Robert “Skoal” Meade

Orbit, a very established eSports Organisation was founded by Patrik “GorDo” Andersson, Wesley De Herdt and Sebastian “Sebsy” Spooner in 2012. They boomed to the top of the eSports Scene, grabbing themselves a very experienced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, and swiftly branching out into other games such as Call of Duty.

Today, I had the opportunity to have an interview with the Co-Owner of Orbit – Robert Meade:

  • Full Name: Robert Meade
  • Date of Birth: 24/10/1991
  • Favourite Game: Overwatch
  • Favourite Hobby: Fishing in BassMafia

Q1.  When did you first join the eSports Scene?

A: I joined in 2012, when Black Ops II was starting to grow  competitively.

Q2. Did you go straight into a managerial role or did you start as a player?

A: I started as a player, but then decided to take up the business side of eSports because I wanted to put most of my time into training because I play college football.

Q3. Which did you want to focus on more – eSports or Football?

A: Right now, football is my main focus because I’m currently being scouted by the Chicago Bears and the Washington Redskins and really need to train and prepare for my upcoming season just like any other eSports athlete does when they have an event coming up.

Q4. What is your role at Orbit? What does it consist of?

A: I am currently the Co-Owner of Orbit. My main role is to make sure everything in the organisation is running smoothly with the help of my partner Patrik “GorDo” Andersson, and also our General Manager, Robert Stamey.

Q5. If you had two aims for the rest of the year, one for football and one for Orbit, what would they be?

A: This year, for football, I would love to win another championship with my team as this is my last college season and also impress the scouts to help my chances at making it to the NFL.

For Orbit, I would love for us to win our first LAN Championship, which is very possible with our Call of Duty team heading to the S2 Finals next month.


From all of us here at PixelFire, we wish Robert a very good year, both in Football and the success of the company.

We look forward to establishing more interviews in the future!

Interview by Kieran Cullinan


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