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Method Esports return to CS:GO by signing the former fm-eSports team with prominent UK players such as Reece “Puls3” Marrs and Brandon “Weber” Weber

Method Esports had North American and CIS Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams under their organization in the past, and today marks a new era for Method, as the organization introduces the acquisition of UK-based fm-eSports squad.

The team will be representing Method Esports in Gfinity Elite Series, as well as ESEA Main, ESL UK Premiership, and UK Masters.  Led by Neil “nEilZiNHo” Finlay, the team is comprised of prominent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players based out of the United Kingdom.

We had a chance to gain insight from the co-owner Sascha “Rak” Steffens:

“After over a year of absence from the scene, we are excited to announce today that Method CS:GO is back! We were impressed by this team from our very first conversation with in-game leader nEiLZiNHo. Their recent accomplishments convey a very clear message: they do not just try to perform well, they play to win titles.”

“Our ambitions are high, we want to both set the bar in national competitions and bring the UK back onto the international stage. Regardless of whether we will succeed in doing so or not, I’m looking forward to an exciting year 2017. #methodway”


The leader, nEilZiNHo, stated:

“I am extremely motivated and excited to begin this journey with Method in the Gfinity Elite Series, as well as UK Masters, ESL UK and ESEA Main. I am certain that with the support and professionalism provided by the staff at Method we will be able to build upon our dominating year within the UK and make the push towards becoming more competitive in Europe.”


The current roster consists of:


Neil “nEiLZiNHo” Finlay

Tom “jenko” Jenkinson

Reece “Puls3” Marrs

Brandon “weber” Weber

Tramaine “Stan1ey” Stanley


Jamie “keita” Hall (Coach)


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