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Mountain Dew League created by ESEA


Mountain Dew partners with ESEA and ESL to pave a path to ESL:CS GO Pro League

With competitive gaming vastly growing, Mountain Dew has partnered with ESEA, and ESL to lay a platform for teams to be able to have a chance to compete professionally at ESL CS:GO Pro League. The Mountain Dew League will provide the opportunity for amateur teams to prove themselves to the world against thousands of teams to qualify to compete against top tier teams.

The teams in the Mountain Dew League (MDL) will battle for eight weeks to be able to earn the right into the Mountain Dew Championship to compete against the pros.

“MDL provides a unique opportunity for aspiring professional gamers to realize their dreams on a global stage,” said Craig Levine, CEO of ESL America. “With the popularity of esports exploding, we’re excited to partner with MTN DEW and find the next generation of Counter-Strike superstars.”

The MDL will hold the Mountain Dew Last Chance Qualifier on August 27 and August 28th, which will feature 7,400 amateur players will compete during match making. The top 24 teams from the qualifier will play each other once a week over an eight week period.

Eight of the best teams from the qualifier in North America, and Europe will compete for the coveted spot in the ESL CS:GO Pro League.

The event will provide a platform for amateur players to get better, through offering tutorials online, and pro coaches that can guide their progression over the season.  The matches will be live streamed on Twitch, contain real-time stat tracking via Esea, and behind-the-scenes action that will be livestreamed directly through Twitch.

 “Esports is becoming an integral part of gaming culture. As instigators in this space, we want to push the boundaries of competitive gaming and enable everyone in this community to take part in the experience,” said Sonika Patel, Sr. Brand Manager at Mountain Dew. “Our partnership with ESL is unique in that it gives everyone a platform to participate on a level playing field.”


  • North America – 2 Teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
  • Europe – 2 Teams (Top 2 Premier teams)
  • Brazil – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • Australia – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • Asia – 1 Team (Regional Winner)
  • South Africa– 1 Team (Regional Winner)

Mini Q&A taken from 
Q: How do I qualify for the Dew League?
A: You’re already qualifying by playing in Season 22

Q: What if I missed this season?
A: Last chance qualifiers will start on August 27th

Q: Can we create a completely new team to sign up for the Last Chance qualifier?
A: The tournament is open to anyone and everyone to sign up. You do not need to be currently competing in Season 22.



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