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Reason Gaming signs ex-Team YP Female


Reason Gaming parted ways with their female Counter-Strike roster in January 2015 with the signing of the female roster to Epsilon.  The ESL restricted any team that was sponsored by YouPorn, enforcing that teams could not participate in the event that were “widely known for pornographic… or other adult/mature themes and products.”  The restriction lead to the organization YouPorn canceling their sponsorship and support for the team.

Reasoning Gaming has signed the ex-YP Female team, and replace Evgeniya “Jen” Gryaznih with former Revival Gaming/daT team player, Tat’Yana “t4tty” Voroncova. Daria “dshq” Mishutina has the following to say about Reason Gaming:

“We are pleased to join the organization Reason Gaming. I hope that for our team it will be a new stage of development and we will be able to show good results and justify the expectations imposed on us.”

The team will be competing in the Skylla tournament with $2250 up for grabs from June 4-June 26. The teams invited to the first tournament consist of Deadpixels, Team Secret, gBots, Vatic, Team Enso, Team Millenium, Prodopp, Team Heaven (ex-Exertus.eSports), Team Karma, Maaischguet, Alpha Gaming, and AK47.



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