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Spiker, CyberFocus leave Empire


Roman “CyberFocus” Dergach and Alexander “Spiker” Ivanov have parted ways with Team Empire. The departure comes at a time when the team has had frustrating games in an attempt to qualify for ESL One Cologne, and was the first team to leave the qualifier due to a lack of performance against Cloud9, Immortals, and Dignitas.

The players from Ex-Empire, Sergey “Spaz” Skrypchik, Denis “Electronic” Sharipov, and Emil “Kucher” Akhundov, are currently playing in ESEA Premier under the name ANOXmix. Pixelfire met up with one of the players that confirmed that the team is practicing with players that fit their style of game play, but nothing has been announced yet.

According to the Empire’s website, Roman “CyberFocus” Dergach expressed that he was happy with how far the team went, and Is keeping his mind open to join another team that can reach the level he is looking to achieve.

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