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Splyce win ZOTAC World Cup


Splyce take home championship at the ZOTAC World Cup and bring home $17,000 prizes

Six teams from Europe, North America, and Asia competed in Hong Kong to compete in the $25,000 ZOTAC World Cup hosted by the hardware manufacturer in celebration of the 10th year anniversary.

After VG.Cyberzen beat Kinguin in a close series that went to all three maps,. VG. CyberZen went to the semi-finals to hold the first spot in the title decider.

Splyce defeated MVP PK and 4Dimensions in a clean sweep. The North American based team focused on winning the championship against VG.CyberZen to win the grand prize of $17,000.


ZOTAC World Cup final standings:

  1. Splyce – $7000 + $10,000 worth of gear
  2. CyberZen – $3000 + $5,000 worth of gear
  3. Kinguin
  4. 4dimension
  5. ENZO
  6. MVP PK

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