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tabseN leaves PENTA Sports


Johannes “tabseN” Wodarz has recently announced that he will be leaving the PENTA roster. The 21-year old player has recently played in the ESEA Premier Season 21 Finals. Penta placed second to the Hellraisers team.  In order to have a chance to play in the ESL pro League, the team will compete against Virtus. Pro for their slot in the next ESL Pro League season.

According to several sources, there will be more information coming out about the team, and his future. Stay tuned with Pixelfire for more information.  PENTA’s lineup now consists of:

Tahsin “tahsiN” Broschk
Kevin “kRYSTAL” Amend
Christian “loWel” Garcia Antoran
Mike “mikeS” Tuns

Alexander “kakafu” Szymanczyk – Coach

Johannes Wodarz responded on his Twitter account, stating, 

“I step down from the current PENTA roster I wish the team and the organization more than the best. We as a team had good and also bad times but at the end my decision is made. I have a bright future in front of me and I hope everything works out. More information soon about my future and team. I want to thank everyone of my team that they accept my decision and support me on top of that I appreciate the work with PENTA and also that they accepted/supported me in that case. Thank you everyone who supported PENTA and me during my time in PENTA.”


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