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WESG qualifiers announced


Starladder and ImbaTV will host qualifiers for the $1.5 million World Electronic Esports Games (WESG)

StarLadder and ImbaTV have teamed up to announce the qualifiers for WESG, which will take place throughout the month to determine the top teams that will qualify for the event.  The qualifiers will take place in Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and the Middle East to determine the 24 teams that will be competing at WESG.   All players on each team must represent the same country, as the move is focused on building Esports into a recognized sport in the Olympics.

The event is sponsored in coordination with Chinese e-commerce tycoon Alibaba with $3.7 million that will be distributed with four tournaments in Dota2, CS:GO, Starcraft2, and Hearthstone. Of that money, 1.5 million will go towards Counter-Strike alone.

According to Stepan Shulga, the Executive Producer at Starladder, “This could help eSports to be recognized as official sports, and potentially included in the Olympic Games.”


Below is the slots available per region:


Slots                                 Region

China (Host)                               1

Asia-Pacific                                6

Europe & CIS                              8

North & South America            6

Africa & Middle East                 3


Prize Pool:

1st $800,000

2nd $400,000

3rd $200,000

4rd $60,000

5th $10,000

6th $10,000

7th $10,000

8th $10,000


Want more information on the qualifier, or the event? Check out the WESG website:


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