DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018 Preview

On Friday, November 16th 8 CS:GO teams will begin competing for their share of $100,000 at DreamHack Atlanta 2018, here’s an overview of what you should be expecting.

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The teams confirmed to be attending DreamHack Atlanta are as follows:

•    EnVy – Invited

•    Fragsters – Invited

•    Ghost – Invited

•    Luminosity – invited

•    Rogue – Invited

•    Complexity- Invited

•    Vitality – Europe Qualifier Champions

•    eUnited – North America Qualifier Champions

Starting at the top we have EnVy. Currently ranked #87 the EnVy organisation recently picked up an all-American line-up after its previous French roster failed to see any success in a LAN environment. The new EnVy roster is comprised of: reltuC, jdm64, Nifty, Drone and Pollo. Jdm64 and reltuC have both played for CLG in the past and are the most experienced players on the team. Jdm64 has the capacity to be one of NA’s to tier awpers but has lacking skills with rifles, so it will likely be up to Ex-Splyce player Drone and Ex-Ghost player Pollo to pick up frags with those weapons to fill the skill gap in the team. Nifty as the final addition to the roster has been known to secondary awp at times so look out for some double awp setups on the CT sides of maps like train and Inferno. This will be the first LAN that EnVy have attended as a team so a deep run in the tournament is unlikely for them unless their star players come out firing on all cylinders.

Next on the invite list is Fragsters. Fragsters are an all-Danish line-up that are attempting to break through to the upper echelons of competitive counter-strike. They’ve enjoyed relative success recently by placing 3-4th at the DreamHack Open Winter Qualifier and successfully qualifying for the European Minor for IEM Katowice 2019. Ranked #29 in the world, the Fragsters line-up is comprised of Refrezh, Dragonfly, Torben, and Stavn. The Danes are in trouble now as previous 5th Bubski has fallen ill and will be unable to attend the Atlanta event. At present, Fragsters still have not announced a replacement player and may not be able to field a full roster at this tournament.

Canadian-American mix Ghost are next up on the list. Recently, Ghost placed 2nd in the ESL Pro League Season 8 for North America. The Ghost line-up is ranked #27 in the world has the potential to be really successful as it contains the following: Steel, Koosta, Subroza, Wardell and Neptune. Ghost could be the winning team here at Atlanta as they have Ex-iBUYPOWER and highly regarded IGL Steel as well as players like Subroza and Wardell who have the ability to be high-fragging star players for the side. If a key synergy between strategy and skill is managed by this roster then they’ll have a fighting chance at taking the title here at Atlanta.

Brazilians steel, HEN1,LUCAS1, NEKIZ and yeL will be representing luminosity at Atlanta. Currently ranked #28 Luminosty have been struggling to see much success at LAN. They’ve placed 7-8th at IEM Chicago and 5-6th at DreamHack Open Montreal. When you combine this with a last-place finish in the NA European Pro League Season 8, it becomes apparent that this roster is having its difficulties. The duo of HEN1 and LUCAS1 were known to have a high calibre of firepower when they were playing for the Immortals organistation and steel has always been a great supportive asset. It would appear that the issue facing this roster is a solid IGL and without one, they may not be able to make it far in Atlanta.

Rogue will also be attending this weekend. Danish IGL MSL is the latest addition to the side, he’ll be joining Hiko, Rickeh, SicK and vice at this new roster’s first LAN together. The team is recently formed and we’ve not yet seen them compete on LAN so it’s hard to know what to expect from them. MSL is famous for being a rigid tactical IGL and with a player as tenured as Hiko also in the roster this team could do well in the future. At Atlanta however, it’s likely that MSL won’t have had enough time to implement his tactical system into the team making their success unlikely.

Complexity is the last team that was invited to DreamHack Atlanta. They’re the highest ranked team at the tournament and the only one in the top 20 at #16. ShahZam, dephh, Stanislaw, yay and ANDROID have been doing well in the last few months, they made Legends at the Faceit Major 2018 and placed 4th at CS_Summit 3. Complexity as a roster have been together the longest out of all the teams in attendance at this tournament and are currently the favourites to win, but it’ll take big performances from ShahZam and dephh to make that happen.

Finally, we arrive at the two teams that had to qualify for the event. Team Vitality and eUnited.

eUnited have been on the way up in the NA scene. They most recently attended IEM Chicago where they defeated NaVi in a BO1 before losing to both Fnatic and Luminosity and being eliminated from the tournament. Their roster is comprised of Ex-Cloud9 IGL FNS and Relyks, dazzle, dapr and moose. eUnited shouldn’t be contenders for the title but they may be able to make the semi-finals if they perform well.

Team Vitality is arguably the most exciting team present at DreamHack Atlanta. They are a newly formed French team that is comprised of a mix of old G2 and EnVyUs players. Their roster is currently: NBK, apex, Happy Rpk and ZywOo. The team should have high expectations here as apex and Rpk were both putting up impressive fragging statistics before joining this roster, when you combine this with one of the worlds best role-players NBK then it’s possible that Vitality could blow away the competition this weekend. However, this roster could be facing some internal turbulence as their coach faculty left the organisation just 3 days ago so perhaps the French don’t have the team cohesion necessary to win big in Atlanta.

The group play of Atlanta will commence on Friday and continue on Saturday with the Semi-finals and Grand Final taking place on Sunday.

The first matchups on Friday are as follows:

•    Group A Match 1: Complexity vs EnVy

•    Group B Match 1: Ghost vs Vitality

•    Group A Match 2: eUnited vs Luminosity

•    Group B Match 2: Fragsters vs Rogue

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