Nitto Tire sponsors Immortals, MIBR, Los Angeles Valiant

Immortals LLC has acquired Nitto Tire as the official sponsor and exclusive tire supplier for its brands Immortals, MIBR, and the Overwatch League franchise Los Angeles Valiant. 

As part of the marketing and partnership involved with Nitto Tire, Nitto Tire will be launching a digital content series called “Fueld by Enthusiasts” which will involve MIBR and Los Angeles Valiant.  The series will provide an overview for the players outside of their careers, and will take a peak in the life of a professional gamer – revealing their passions and personalities inside, and outside the game. 

Ari Segal, President & COO of Immortals LLC:

“Nitto Tire is a company driven by passion and innovation, as is Immortals, and that alignment allows us to activate with real authenticity. This partnership will focus on bringing to life that passion: the passion of our players, in and out of the game, and the passion of our fans to connect to our players and the games they love.”

Players from MIBR and Los Angeles Valiant will work with Nitto Tire to kit their vehicles with the products and distribute them online to fans.  This will showcase Nitto Tires as a premium brand in the market. 

Stephen Leu, Director of Marketing at Nitto Tire:

“Nitto is recognized as a leader of innovative marketing within the tire industry. We have a rich history of marketing through video games which includes a proprietary PC racing game, and numerous in-game brand placements on both social and mobile gaming platforms. A partnership with a leading franchise such as Immortals was the natural fit in our foray into the esports arena.”

The partnership will be debuted at the Los Angeles Valiant’s Community Block Party on October 20th – Junkertown IRL Presented by Nitto Tire. They will have product integrations and installations.

Companies like Mountain Dew, Microsoft, Razer, Otter Pops, Betway, and Tinder all share partnerships with Immortals L.L.C and organizations that surround the brand.  We’re excited that new companies are joining the trend of supporting Esports, and seeing the impact influencers have on brand results. Igniting results is the focus.

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