RFRSH Entertainment reach an agreement to sell Astralis

According to several reports, Astralis and League of Legends team “Origin,” who are both owned by RFRSH, will be part of a newly-formed “Astralis Group” company. 

The RFRSH CEO Nikolaj Nyholm will be stepping down from RFRSH to pursuit the CEO position at Astralis. 

According to Nyholm:

“I am really proud of what we have achieved, but at some point, one must also make a choice, and my heart is close to Astralis and Origen. We also do this in order to separate ownership between RFRSH and the teams, so that nothing is squeezed.”

Although the sale is not officially publicly announced, according to TV 2 Sport it will be between 10 and 15 million euros. ($11-16.5 million)

There has been public backlash for RFRSH having owned teams and being a tournament organizer that the team competes in. Astralis was accused of prioritizing BLAST events over notable events that they should have attended. 

Astralis will compete in the StarLadder Berlin Major, where they will try to prove to be the best team in the world against a dominant Team Liquid. 

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